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The 15 Best Laptop Bags, According to ELLE Editors

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These days, it seems like our laptops come with us everywhere. We ELLE editors know this fact well. Our laptops are, in essence, an extension of ourselves. They home our schedules, (virtual) Rolodexes, work projects, shopping carts, hopes, and dreams. You can relate, can’t you?

For most people, laptop bags, leather tote bags, and other work bags are basically synonymous. But there’s more to consider if you want to shop smart.

Karla Gallardo, CEO and co-founder of Cuyana, urges shoppers to pay attention to quality when shopping for a new laptop bag. You want something durable that can stand the test of time, she notes. But above all, Gallardo says functionality is the most important thing to consider in your search. “We find that bags with several components are most helpful to organize your belongings so you’re not wasting valuable time digging through your items. Bonus points if it has a laptop sleeve for extra protection!” Mélissa Lambert of Canadian brand Lambert agrees on that note, saying, “It’s important to remember to protect your laptop since it’s your work tool.

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